Monday, June 6, 2011     17:19
  • Key Features


• Allows user defined sale stages
• Tracks prospects through
lead generation, prioritization,
distribution and follow-up
• Provides sales forecast and trends
• Manages shared tasks, calendars
and appointments
• Allows multiple and parallel
opportunities of contacts
• Generates complex price-quotes

Support Tracking

• Facilitates online support services
• Automatically allocates calls at
customer service centers and
escalates calls depending on
customizable parameters
• Gain valuable insight through
list of most frequently serviced
products and most frequent
• Warranty and contract tracking

Marketing Campaign

• Provides invaluable insights
for developing a marketing
campaign and evaluates
effectiveness of campaign

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Focus CRM: Move Seamlessly from Sale to Service

Focus CRM gives you a snapshot view of your customer, giving you information on demand and the insight your sales teams need to maximize every customer interaction. It provides a central platform enabling you to analyze, plan, develop and deploy marketing activities.


Business Advantage


    • Enables you to deliver an outstanding customer experience
    • Generate insight on customer behavior for your sales team
    • Track effectiveness of activities and campaigns
    • Facilitates collaboration between team members
    • Comprehensive reports help you make informed decisions