Monday, June 6, 2011     17:19


  • Financial Management
    Sales and Marketing
    Procurement and Purchase
    Inventory Warehousing
    Human Resource Management

    Key Features

  • High Return on Investment
    • Reasonably priced solution that is
    guaranteed to bring you the best
    return on investment
    • With the deployment time span
    of just 2 months, you can
    experience the benefits almost

  • Fast Access to Data
    • Access and update information in
    real time
    • Employees can access relevant
    information in minutes
    • Facilitates data sharing across any
    number of offices from a central


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Focus RT: Quick Data. Quicker Decisions.

FocusRT is a Multi-Tier application that works seamlessly over Local Area Network and the Internet in a distributed business environment. It operates with amazing speed when it is required to update data from remote locations over the internet in real time or in batch mode.


Business Advantage


    • Track events across business locations
    • Significantly increase operational efficiencies
    • Scale up with ease
    • Quick deployment
    • High return on investment