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  • Warehouse Setup
    Inward Process
    Outward Process
    Inventory Management

    Key Features

    • Provides real-time information over a network
    • RFID enabled
    • Automatic restocking based on maximum and
    minimum levels
    • Ability to manage multiple locations
    • Enables task sequencing and task interleaving
    • Improved management control and reporting
    • Comprehensive security model
    • Easy to deploy add-on functionalities
    • Helps plan and track labor resource
    • User configurable parameters


Ask Pricing

Focus WMS: Minimise Cost with Efficient Distribution

Focus WMS brings efficiency to warehousing by introducing automated processes and tighter control structures. It lets you optimize inventory with accurate forecast and provides flexible automated support for processing movement of goods and management of stock.


Business Advantage


    • Enables perfect order fulfillment and on-time shipment
    • Eliminate costly physical inventories
    • Make optimum use of human and warehouse resources
    • Reduces order processing times
    • Minimizes shipping, put-away and picking errors