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Top Products

SME Accounting Software

Entry level accounting software or advanced level, we have options for you to choose from. Check out the following accounting packages for Small Medium Enterprises

Focus RT: Multi-Tier application that works seamlessly over Local Area Network and the Internet in a distributed business environment. It operates with amazing speed when it is required to update data from remote locations over the internet in real time or in batch mode.

Focus 6: A comprehensive accounting solution that empowers businesses to maintain, analyze and interpret financial health of the organization available at an exceptionally reasonable cost,

Focus Reach: This package comes with built-in company templates for trading and services companies, extremely flexible and customizable to allow users to define own print designs for all documents and allows customization of all reports.

  • Enterprise Applications & Solutions

  • ERP software integrates all departments and functions across a company onto a single computer system that serves each department’s particular needs.
  • A CRM system helps you recognize customers and prospective customers, understand their preferences, frequently anticipate their needs and respond to their requests quickly and effectively. It enables you to track, organize, and consolidate the interactions dealership staff has with current and prospective customers.
  • Property Management System

  • Real estates? Property sales? Leasing buildings? Whatever you business requirements, our PMS solution can meet your need.