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We have numerous and flexible support channels and options irrespective of where your business is located. We offer deployment and installation support, we also provide after sales support in case you have any unforseen issues with your deployed solution.

We have a support request template we will send you once you request for support, we will need you to fill the support request template and send to us via email and we will provide you with the required support and service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CRM?

CRM means Customer Relationship Management.

The primary need of a the business is to have an application or a system in place to effectively manage the sales process and customer relationship; capture vital data and information about customers - purchase history, revenue generated, up selling / cross selling opportunities, etc.; and generate sales quote or create orders. The requirement is to have a 360-degree view of one’s business. This is why the Customer Relationship Management has gained so much popularity among all businesses.

What can a CRM system do for me?
A CRM system helps you recognize customers and prospective customers, understand their preferences, frequently anticipate their needs and respond to their requests quickly and effectively. It enables you to track, organize, and consolidate the interactions dealership staff has with current and prospective customers.
Can Focus CRM be integrated with ERP?
Yes, Focus CRM can be integrated with ERP, wherein the information can be shared between the ERP and CRM systems.
Is it hard to learn how to use Focus CRM?
Focus CRM provides a quick, easy and intuitive user interface . All masks have a logical, linear structure and it's been invested a lot of time in research to improve the usability of the product. Technical support is also available online for any clarification and training.
What is ERP?

ERP software integrates all departments and functions across a company onto a single computer system that serves each department’s particular needs. Building a single software program that serves the needs of employees in finance, human resources, and warehouse, is a tall order. Each of these departments typically has its own computer system optimized for the particular ways that the department does its work. But ERP combines them all together into a single, integrated software program that runs off of a single database so that various departments can more easily share information and communicate with each other. This integrated approach provides critical information in real time, which will assist businesses optimize efficiency and enhance profitability.

How long will an FOCUS ERP project take?

ERP project is dependent on number of modules to be implemented and requirements to be accomplished. Usually, an ERP implementation gets delayed due to failure in understanding two things--- “Must have” and “Nice to have”-- and companies that aim to install ERP, struggle between the “Must have” and “Nice to have.” Implementation time is reduced if a company is decisive in what they want implemented. Focus Softnet, with the help of proven best practices has been successful implementing an ERP application within 90 days.

What does FOCUS ERP really cost?
FOCUS ERP is designed to meet the requirements of small to mid-size businesses. We offer the most cost-effective solution and the quickest ROI in the industry. The cost of ERP depends on several variables, such as: the number of divisions it will serve, the number of modules installed, number of users, number of locations, the quantity of integration that will be required with existing systems and data migrations. Cost of an ERP application can be bifurcated to 4 important segments: a) Product Cost b) Licensing c) Implementation Cost d) Customization costs. The Total Cost of Ownership depends on the above-mentioned factors.
How does the customer service portion of CRM help a business grow?
Customer satisfaction is a key element of customer loyalty. Loyal and satisfied customers become long-term customers. Loyal customers are also your best advocates. Word of mouth recommendations create the most persuasive marketing for your company. In an age where negative customer feedback propagates quickly to online reviews and blogs, customer service cannot be overlooked.